Work with children

Our organization “Country of Free People” began working with children in the summer of 2014. To date, more than 6,000 children of different ages have participated in various festivals, sports and other events, excursions and hikes. The main feature of our approach is the coverage of various groups of children, in particular:

  • IDP’s children
  • children of the host community
  • children of participants of the ATO
  • children of those killed in the ATO

Work with children extends not only to the city of Kramatorsk and Donetsk region, but also to the central and western regions of Ukraine.

For effective and fruitful work we use the following areas:

  • organization of children's parties and outdoor events in the near-front zone

In this area, about 90 various cultural, mass and socially useful events were held, in which more than 3000 children and their parents were involved. The parties were both themed and dedicated to various holiday dates.

  • child development area

During work about 500 children and 1,500 parents were involved. The main goal of the area is to help children to discover and develop their creative abilities, to give an opportunity for better adaptation in the world. For parents courses of "positive paternity" are organized, which provide advice on education and communication with the child.

  • organization of excursions, hikes, recreation and leisure

We help to expand children's worldview, we help in better understanding of Ukraine and the peculiarities of its various regions. For this purpose, we organize excursions, hikes, which are held in other regions of our country. 5 hikes have already taken place, in which about 250 children took part. Sports events and tournaments are held in such sports as tennis and hockey.

  • children's rehabilitation camps

During the work 4 camps were organized in Kramatorsk, 2 in the Carpathians and 1 in Odessa. Qualified specialists, psychologists and educators worked with children. About 2000 children from the number of displaced persons and children of the dead soldiers of the ATO participated in the program.

  • cultural exchange trips

Our organization performs cultural exchange trips for children aged 8 to 15 years. With the assistance of the German diaspora, a trip to Berlin was organized. It was attended by 25 children from the most affected areas of Donbass. More than 500 children from the Donetsk region visited Ivano-Frankivsk region, spent their holidays there, communicated with their peers and their parents.

An individual, exclusively differentiated approach to each child is a priority in our work. To join it, we invite all children aged 3 to 13 years and parents at the address: 20 Transportna str., Kramatorsk

You can register your child by phone: 050-961-11-46,

It’s your child we are waiting for!

Youth and children's center works in the following areas:

  • Non-formal education

  • Cultural, creative and sports development

  • Socially useful initiatives

  • Tourism and Scouting