Who we are

Країна вільних людей “Country of Free People” is a non-governmental organization that was formed on April 4, 2014 out of the activists of Donbass. Our activities are aimed at assisting internally displaced persons (IDPs), citizens in the ATO zone, as well as helping to minimize the consequences of a military conflict by improving the national, cultural, socio-economic situation in Ukraine, including Donbass, the city of Kramatorsk, Lviv. The NGO “Country of Free People” was formed as an initiative group, which in April-June 2014 was engaged in the evacuation of citizens from occupied Kramatorsk and Sloviansk. However, over time, our field of activity has expanded. To date, we have developed from the initiative of 3 people to a strong organization that provided various assistance to 47.5 thousand IDPs, 23 thousand citizens in a military conflict zone, evacuated over 4.5 thousand people across the Donbas.

The main objectives of the organization are:

  • coordination and provision of comprehensive assistance (humanitarian, resettlement, legal, psychological, social, medical) to internally displaced persons, through the creation of IDP assistance centers in Kramatorsk and Lviv;
  • support of the public center with 70 beds in the city of Kramatorsk for women and children who left the zone of military operations;
  • coordination of evacuation and subsequent escort of the population from the area of the ATO;
  • assistance to people who remained to live in the near-front zone, by the line of demarcation and in buffer zones;
    social rehabilitation of children affected by the military conflict in Donbass;
  • all-round youth development;
  • organization and coordination of support for the socially unprotected population (elderly people, disabled persons, orphans);
  • coordinating of assistance provision to families of ATO participants, in particular, psychological and legal support;
  • facilitating dialogue between IDPs and host communities, civil society and local authorities.

Our initiatives (as of January 2016)

  1. Assistance Center for IDPs in the city of Kramatorsk
  2. Public center in the city of Kramatorsk for 70 women and children who left the zone of military operations
  3. Children and youth community center
  4. Child development area
  5. A team for assisting people who stayed in the zone of military operations
  6. A team engaged in the evacuation of the population from the area of ATO
  7. IDPs Assistance Coordination Center in Lviv

In addition, our organization is implementing a number of projects in both Donetsk and Lviv regions. For information about our projects, see the projects page.


To contact us for help or a partnership offer, call us or use e-mail indicated in CONTACTS