The project “Rehabilitation of 40 children from the frontal zone (urban-type settlements Luhanske and Myronivskyi)”

The Non-Governmental Organization “Country of Free People” with the support of ChildFund Deutschland (Children's Fund of Germany) is launching a new project to rehabilitate 40 children from the front-line zone (urban-type settlements Luhanske and Myronivskyi, Donetsk Oblast).

Project aim: Providing psychosocial support to 40 children (8 - 17 years old) living in the urban-type settlements Myronivskyi and Luhanske, through the organization of healthcare and rehabilitation camp in Zakarpattia (village of Shaian, Khust raion).

It should be noted that for 2.5 years, children in the urban-type settlements Luhanske and Myronivskyi live in the midst of the military conflict. The number of children under 18 in these settlements is: Myronivskyi - more than 500 people, Luhanske - 200 people. Every day, children become witnesses of shellfire, destruction, and violence; they witness other people are dying; the children themselves are in great danger. In addition, every day children observe the work of military equipment and the military men, which are not always a normal example of behavior. As a result of the conflict in the East of Ukraine, such children are simply deprived of conditions for healthy development, and every day their life and health are in mortal danger. For various reasons, families with children still remain in their homes, despite critical situation.

In 95% of cases, people have nowhere to go, nobody needs them in a “safe” territory. The state has not created for people safe conditions for departure. Moreover, social services in regions located in the so-called “gray zone” do not work stably, and in some localities do not work at all. This means that people, in particular children, cannot even receive basic psychosocial support. There is a similar situation with healthcare institutions. Based on this, the issue of psychosocial support and rehabilitation of children living in the zone of the military conflict remains highly relevant.

Beneficiaries of the project: children aged from 8 to 17 years old, living in the urban-type settlements Myronivskyi and Luhanske. The priority will be children from socially unprotected families, disabled people, as well as children from families who are in need of help a most. The list will be agreed with the settlements councils.

Tasks and planned result of the project:

  • To provide psychosocial support for 40 children;
  • To redirect children’s attention from the realities of war;
  • To teach children and teenagers to control their emotions in different situations;
  • To teaching teenagers how to recognize and overcome stress;
  • To rally children and unite them in friendship, so that they could support each other when they return home.

Project program:

As part of the project, 40 children will be accommodated in one of the health resorts / holiday centers of the village of Shaian, Khust raion, Zakarpattia region. It is a resort zone in the Ukrainian Carpathians bordering with Romania. In this recreation camp, we will create a safe space for dialogue and joint training, restoration of the psychological resources of displaced children and children living in the front-line zone. The picturesque nature of the Carpathians, fresh air and exercises will help children to improve their health and to rest.

Project implementation period: March 25 - April 1, 2017