Psycho-social assistance to elderly people


With the financial support of the German donor organization “Brot für die Welt” (“Bread for the World”), since January 2017, the Non-Governmental Organization “Country of Free People” is launching a new project “Psychological and Social Assistance to Elderly People”. As part of the project and as its implementer, our organization takes under its care 60 lonely elderly people who need help and support very much.

The aim of the project is maximum support and care of the elderly people, providing them with social and psychological assistance. After all, they need it not only for the holidays, it is always important to enjoy someone’s company.

Do remember that the beneficiaries are people who do not have relatives and close friends, who are lonely people of a certain age with health problems. It is the category of people who need our help more than anyone, because they are not able to take care of themselves. The project is Christian, aimed to strengthen faith in Christ and restore hope in the hearts of lonely people.

Within the framework of the project, long visits to the beneficiaries are planned, as well as assistance in household chores (cleaning, cooking, purchasing medicines). If necessary, various domestic issues are solved: assistance in obtaining a subsidy, and receiving humanitarian aid.