Children and Youth Community Center

As part of the project “Improving the quality of psychological support for children, youth, parents and guardians through the work of a community center in Kramatorsk and the work of a mobile group along the contact line in the Donetsk region” with the support of the international organization Save the Children based on the public organization “Country of Free People” a Children and Youth Community Center was started.

The main aim of the Center is to provide first psycho-social assistance to children, adolescents, their parents and guardians through the organization of comprehensive programs.

For children under 14 years old:

  • organization of children's parties and outdoor events;
  • HEART and art therapy classes
  • preschool children training;
  • fairy tale therapy;
  • plasticine art therapy, drawing and design;
  • English courses.

For youth from 14 to 25 years old:

  • non-formal education;
  • interactive training;
  • cultural, creative and sports development;
  • art platform and creative workshop, movie club;
  • socially beneficial initiatives and volunteering;
  • psychosocial support;
  • English courses.

For parents and guardians:

  • “Positive Fatherhood” training;
  • debating club;
  • various types of leisure activities for older people.

With its work, the center seeks to create an active youth movement in the city of Kramatorsk, to unite youth, to educate leaders of civil society, and to provide conditions for the full development of the individual. The project launches active interaction of young people with local governments, participation in self-government and implementation of youth policy in the city and region.

The task of the Children and Youth Community Center:

  • Creation of space and conditions for the comprehensive development of young people;
  • Development and implementation of programs for non-formal education of youth;
  • Development and implementation of projects aimed at developing personal qualities and skills, increasing the level of culture, spirituality, development of creative potential and sports;
  • Development and implementation of socially beneficial projects and programs;
  • Promotion and development of volunteer activities and patriotism;
  • Introduction of inclusion and social rehabilitation of young people with disabilities through direct involvement in the activities of the center;
  • Promotion of the rule of law and implementation of projects to improve the level of legal culture among young people;
  • Establishment of cooperation with local self-government authorities, educational institutions and other institutions and organizations whose activities are directly aimed at young people;
  • Implementation of programs for the international exchange of experience in working with young people;
  • Motivation and attraction of youth to participation in the formation and implementation of youth policy in the city of Kramatorsk.

The community center focuses its activities on the comprehensive support of talented young people, develops projects for the comprehensive development of the individual and supports the younger generation as much as possible.

Our initiatives:

  • Youth Leadership School;
  • English language courses and conversational clubs;
  • The territory of tourism and scouting;
  • Creative workshop: theatre art, author song, literature and poetry, flesh-mob party.

Due to the project, a new work stream has been launched - mobile field teams that organize work with children, young people and parents twice a week in localities situated on the contact line, in particular, in urban-type settlements Luhanske and Myronivskyi.

The Center is located at the address: 20 Transportna str., Kramatorsk.

Working hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 9:00 am - 8:00 pm.

Please be reminded that the project is implemented since February 19, 2016 and will last until February 28, 2017.